What is the SPARK program?

SPARK program is a joint initiative by Spinta Global Accelerator and Institute of Product Leadership to help startups convert their ideas into viable products (MVP).
  • This program will drive the startups to progress from idea/early stage to a Minimum Lovable Product (MLP) stage with coaching to reduce customer and market risk.
  • It will give you the opportunity to work on your idea while you systematically learn about innovation & entrepreneurship. Cross-border Silicon Valley networking, coaching/mentoring will be offered to all the participants.
  • Engineering development resources from Spinta will be offered to all the participants!
    • 120 hours for individual
    • 200 hours for startup team (up to 3 members)
  • Optional: Immersion in Silicon Valley and visits to companies like FB, Uber, Google, Amazon, Sandhill Road VCs, and networking with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and executives

Who can participate in this program?

Startup co-founders

(team of up to 3 people)

Corporate individuals

who have startup aspirations, are either working on the side on a startup idea or have an idea, and need help to develop it further

Why should you opt for this 12 week program?

The startup teams and corporate professionals in Tier 1 metros need help in realizing their startup aspirations, and to build upon their early stage ideas into a Minimum Lovable Products for customer adoption. IPL and SPINTA offer SPARK, a hands-on startup entrepreneurship program that provides coaching/mentoring, and learning to systematically reduce the risks in their startup idea. This is much unlike the existing accelerators and incubators who only provide co-working space and networking. This IPL and SPINTA SPARK program also offers engineering development resources to help build the idea to MVP, cross-border global Silicon Valley networking and coaching.

SPARK Mentors

Success can be all about connecting with the right people



  • per person


  • per startup team (up to 3 members)


Yes, you can use the engineering credits provided in the Spinta MLP program to further strengthen your product value proposition as well as sharpen the product's competitive edge.

Education from IPL, Mentorship and other support are valuable offerings from this program.

We've actually designed this program keeping aspiring entrepreneurs, like you in mind.

The product leadership education will provide you all the insights required to make a sound decision on which business problem do you want to address and would want to solve.

$5000 for an individual

$9000 for team of 3

This IPL education is an equivalent business education for all the freshly graduated participants like you.

It will provide you all the skills required to become a successful product entrepreneur.

At least 2 co-founders are recommended, but this isn't mandatory. If you’'re a one man army, we'll be delighted to have you on board with this program.

This high value program is offered at the best cost.

We will help you to build the MLP as well as provide you necessary expertise to hire the right talent for your startup.

Minimum Lovable product is a functional prototype which will help you to receive actual customer's feedback.

It's not for you but it surely can be for the startups you’re associated with!

This program is definitely made for people like you. We recommend you register for it right away.

We will recommend this immersion only to startups who want to make their product available in the US market and raise funds from US. Spinta can provide you the access to their ecosystem of partners, angel investors and mentors in the Silicon Valley.